Our resources
Navitrans-Burkina and Freigt & Customer Service will provide the means to fulfill its mission and meet its commitments in a rigorous recruitment, training, policy selective in choosing its partners and its material resources.
Our advantages
Teams competent, dedicated, trained, multilingual (English required) and highly motivated.
Training regulation and a permanent upgrade in Customs.
Knowledge of commercial and transport documentation and legal responsibilities incurred.
Ability to coordinate all the links in the chain (Anticipation - Verification - Correction-Supervision).
Specialization by product and organization groups.
A personalized client contact and dedicated staff.
A close business permanently.
Of investments tailored to our business and software interfaced with our business environment (- Customs - ...).


   Our experience is well demonstrated: The growing competitive world of international trade requires experience and expertise of an International Logistics confirmed. Navitrans-bf and Freight & Customer Service with its extensive global network provides you with a full range of air freight services to import / export ...


Notre moyens
Nos valeurs
Our organizational values are. They specify what we consider to be virtuous activities, ethical behavior and social responsibilities that are part of our mission and our strategy.
  be honest
aim to satisfy our customers every day
We continually improve
teams have a passion
act as a team
measure our success in life
act as a responsible company vis-à-vis society and the environment

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