With support from its network of correspondents and fleet available to him, logistics and Navitrans-Burkina and Freight & Customer Service are operational for import export in groupage and full loads with scheduled and always on time.
For specific traffic, Navitrans-Burkina and Freight & Customer Service still offer the best solutions that meet deadlines, inventory management and distribution.
Regional Transport
Today Navitrans-Burkina and Freight & Customer Service have organized to serve all the countries of the West African region by guaranteeing the best possible quality of service and more reliable.
Intrenational transport
Our company has always adapted to situations is why it creates a service-oriented dimension to international trade. Thus we provide regular relations between the countries from 1 to 33 pallets guaranteeing reliable delivery and délais.Pour this, we rely on our own resources and of course a network of approved by our quality system.


   Our experience is well demonstrated: The growing competitive world of international trade requires experience and expertise of an International Logistics confirmed. Navitrans-bf and Freight & Customer Service with its extensive global network provides you with a full range of air freight services to import / export ...


To complement this service, we created a cell Customs who will take care for you all the declarations and customs operations. Thus, we can ensure your transportation to or from most European capitals economic while ensuring reliable delivery times.
Sea freight
The transit service specializing in the export, to meet your needs for marine shipments, regardless of the kind of packages, pallets, furniture, vehicles, equipment ... Shipments are provided by individual container or container groupage to all continents of regular shipping lines.
Air Freight
For urgent shipping your packages to the destination of your choice, our air service (Express service) your goods on the first available flight. Airfreight per kg, by grouping or complete aircraft Cargo.
Road freight
Our fleet of vehicles allows us to have a flexible response to meet the demands of our customers.
Our team organizes expedition removal and ensures the delivery of your parcels anywhere in the world regardless of the volume and weight.

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